Flag Field in your CADWorx Plant BOM


Back into CADWorx Plant today. It may seem that I talk a lot about the BOM in your models, but let’s be honest, the BOM is one of the most important things that is going to go out. Who all uses the BOM? Well, the designer themselves BETTER be looking over the BOM, checkers, maybe an engineer or two, purchasing, the shop will need those to fabricate. The BOM is a VITAL part of the drawing, and anything we can do to better convey the information needed, we should jump on it.

What I want to talk about today is a VERY underutilized column in the BOM called Flag. The Flag uses the BOM Item Type shown below in the bottom right of the CEdit dialog.

Now, I know we’ve all seen those, and wondered, what can I use them for? For those of us that have dug into ISOGEN, we can use these extensively. For the large majority of users however, these are tools that just AREN’T used. The Flag field will append the first 2 letters of whatever is in there to the Flag column of the BOM.

Let’s talk about how else we can use these. This came up during an ISOGEN demo, where the end user used the Erection column to change fittings into Revision items. Not a bad little trick. They had modified ISOGEN to take this to a separate part of the BOM, but the user had to know that Erection=Revision

Enter that English.dic file again. The text shown in this dialog box is contained in that file. I’ve listed below the lines that contain these. These can be dug out using the find command on the English.dic file.


Changes to this will directly relate to the dialog box. I’m going to change the first 3 to show items that are shop assembled, items that are shipped loose, and items that are client supplied.

F0051=SA Shop Assembled
E0224=SL Ship Loose
O0044=CS Client Supplied

After you make these changes, save the .dic file and restart CADWorx Plant.

You’re dialog will now look like this:

Since the flag field pulls the first two letters, by putting the letters that I want first, I get exactly what I want in the Flag Field now. You can also sort the BOM based off the flag field to get Client Supplied items at the bottom of the Bill for example.

Once again, it’s the little things that can mean the difference between a design that conveys exactly what we want, and something that leaves it open to speculation. This is one of those things.

Again, if anything looks confusing, PLEASE don’t hesitate to let me know and as always, I hope this can help you out in your day to day.