Nozzles in CADWorx Plant Pro to ISOGEN


Nozzles in ISOGEN


A small trick, that some might not know about getting Nozzle information into ISOGEN.  Sometimes, we run into those pieces of equipment that just don’t fit the mold for what our Equipment module can do for us, or we get packaged equipment from a vendor with a good enough model to use in ours.  That happens.  This doesn’t mean however that we can’t get the equipment and nozzle info into ISOGEN.


If you have to use something other than CADWorx Equipment to make your equipment, make sure to use Long Weldneck (LWN) flanges for the nozzles.  Once you’ve inserted the LWN in, do a component edit, and go to the TAG field.  Type in your equipment name and nozzle number there.  Isogen will then recognize what you are trying to do and make it into a nozzle for you on your ISO’s.