Quick Material Selection for PV Elite

Short one today, but this is a nifty little trick in PV Elite that I thought I would share.

I was doing a tech day for a client a few days ago, and they asked me to mid-design switch material on a skirt. Not a big deal, honestly, I had forgot to set the right material from the start. There is a quick way to search for a material at the component level. Go to your material line item in the input panel, and type in PART of the material you want to use and hit enter. This will throw up a warning that the material you typed is incorrect, unless of course you typed out the entire thing. For instance, if I wanted to use SA-106 GR B as my material, I could just type 106 and hit enter. After you click ok on the dialog box, the "wildcard" searched materials will come up. Pick the one you want from the list. This will open the materials property dialog to show you the info on that material. You can either select that material, or hit back to go back to your search. If you hit select, then you will get the variables that you can modify, as well as calling the material out to be normalized or not. Click OK and you now have reset the material for the component.

Not an earth shattering tip, but a nice feature to grab the correct material quickly.