Working With CADWorx Plant Datafiles

As you can probably see, I like to dig into the roots of a software to tweak it for whatever purpose I can. This little post is going to talk for a second about working with Datafiles in the different CADWorx packages.

CADWorx Plant

The Data files in CADWorx Plant all follow different structures, so you need to pay close attention to these files. When you do a spec edit, you’ll notice that each component has a specific Program Code. This Program Code tells the software what "kind" of fitting you are about to place. For each program code there is a specific data file template that goes with it. The structure is very specific for each fitting. There are templates available for all of these. this link from COADE will give you GREAT info including drawings to show how all of these templates are used.

The real power in these files is taking them someplace they were never really intended to go. We’ve made some basic Turbine Meters using the Flanged Pipe component, and even made a tapped bleed ring using a reducing Tee. You can bend these quite a bit, as long as you stay within the structure of the data file.

CADWorx Equipment

Some people aren’t aware that there are data files in CADWorx Equipment, well, there are. For the Nozzles there are a couple. We’ve been toying with these, and have even tweaked one to better represent the RTJ nozzles in the software to show the Taper on the back of the face, similar to a standard RFWN. Not difficult, just need to pay attention to a couple of details.

CADWorx Steel

This is the program that I’ve really had fun with. I’ve tweaked quite a few of these files to do some pretty good things for Joe User. Some of these files have been my most requested files. I’ve take the Flat Bar and turned it into a Lumber file. Good for building a deck for your house, or framing a pump foundation. I’ve made some Bar Grate, Checkered Floor Plate, and Plywood files from the Plate files. They don’t show any different, but come BOM time, they can make all the difference in the world. I also did a batch of Sonotube file our of the Pipe files. Again, anytime we did a project, we had to BUY Sonotube, so why in the world would we not want that in a BOM to order from. These were easy to tweak. All we needed was a little front end data to enter in. Again, these files follow a pretty structured format, but in that structure, we still have flexibility. If anybody wants any of these files, just let me know, and I’d be happy to send them out. I’ve emailed them out hundreds of times, and would be happy to keep doing so.

Lastly, in doing a lot of the data file manipulation, I’ve found that a program called TotalEdit to be a dream come true. As most of you may know, the CADWorx Data files are nothing more than .txt files. TotalEdit is a text editor, that is a LOT more powerful than Notepad. It doesn’t cost anything, and can be downloaded here : This little program has saved my life, and offer some great tools like the ability to highlight a column of text, similar to excel, you can open multiple files at once and tab them, or even open them side by side for comparison. If you are going to be modifying data files, you need to take the time to download this and run it.

If you have any questions or comments, or if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.



  • zl9765

    Kyle, can you send me the data files you mention above? It will great helpful to me as an reference.
    I am a learner of CADWorx plant.
    Thanks very much.

  • alan hopwood

    Could not get the link to work?

    • Sorry, we’re not responsible for the content on the CADWorx website. I don’t know if the files are available else where or not.


    could you send me the data files as mentioned? thanks.

    • The data files are available in our store.