Your Title Blocks in COADE CADWorx Plant (and P&ID)

Today, I’m going to stay in CADWorx Plant, this little trick also applies to CADWorx P&ID. In the setup dialog box, there is a button labeled Border. Now, most of us don’t use this, frankly, because we are using our own border, not one that is already shipped, and selecting the User Border option, just takes us out to browse, no different than an insert command would. So wouldn’t it be nice, if our borders were listed in the predefined, just like all those cool borders from COADE? It’s easier than you think.

The first step is to go into your support directory, on a factory install, this is C:/CADWorx Plant 2008/Support, yours might differ. Once you are in the folder, look for a file named:


This file can be opened in your favorite text editor, mine is TotalEdit, but NotePad works just as well.

Once opened, the section that we are interested in looks like this:

36×24 (ANSI-D) ECAD,_Ecadbdr1.dwg,in
11×8.5 (ANSI-A),_ansi_a.dwg,in
8.5×11 (ANSI-V),_ansi_v.dwg,in
11×17 (ANSI-B),_ansi_b.dwg,in
11×17 (ANSI-B) Iso,_ansi_bi.dwg,in
17×22 (ANSI-C),_ansi_c.dwg,in
34×22 (ANSI-D),_ansi_d.dwg,in
34×22 (ANSI-D) Vessel,_ansi_dv.dwg,in
34×22 (ANSI-D) Tank,_ansi_dt.dwg,in
44×34 (ANSI-E),_ansi_e.dwg,in
;36×24 Generic,_gen_d.dwg,in
;36×24 Generic no att.,_genna_d.dwg,in
;210×297 (ISO-A4),_iso_a4.dwg,mm
;420×297 (ISO-A3),_iso_a3.dwg,mm
;420×297 (ISO-A3) Iso,_iso_a3i.dwg,mm
;594×420 (ISO-A2),_iso_a2.dwg,mm
;841×594 (ISO-A1),_iso_a1.dwg,mm
;841×594 (ISO-A1) Vessel,_iso_a1v.dwg,mm
;841×594 (ISO-A1) Tank,_iso_a1t.dwg,mm
;1189×841 (ISO-A0),_iso_a0.dwg,mm

You can see here that I’ve already gone ahead and made a few changes to mine, to give you an idea. Each line item is broke out into 3 sections, each separated by a comma.

The first section is the name as you want it to appear in the dialog box, ie:

36×24 ECAD Vessel Fab Border

The second section is the drawing name itself, ie:


The third section is the units that it inserts as, IN or MM.

These, again, are separated by commas, withOUT a space after them. You can also comment out borders, by adding a semicolon in front of the description, the border is still there, but is just not visible.

The last step you will need to do, is to copy your border into the SUPPORT directory. This is important, for CADWorx to find the file.

You now get to have the borders you want and NEED available to you, right there from within the software.

Hope this helps, and as always, let me know if there are any questions.