Spools, Additional Info, and what else?

Okay, it’s no surprise to many that I like the English.dic file in CADWorx.  I’ve wrote about about it SEVERAL times already, but I’m tackling a bit more this time, kinda.

CADWorx, out of the box, is great software, but just like anything else we do, sometimes it being closer to perfect lacks just one little things here or there.  This is the focus of this little article.  Recently, on the CADWorx forums at Coade’s website (http://www.coade.com/support_discussion.asp) there have been a few posts about people needing more.  There are those out there that have the technical know-how to write applications to bring functionality to a software, David Wolfe is one of those, this guy is amazing with what he’s done with CADWorx.  On the other hand, there are guys that have limited time and resources and need something quickly, and “factory”.  That’s where some of these changes come in.

Let’s look at some examples of where Joe User can take 5 minutes and have a software that can take him 1 step further to getting the info he needs out the door, in an easier manner.

This write up is going to be modifying the English.dic file again, but this time we are going to focus on one field in particular and tweaking it to mean something for us.  The TAG field of components.  Now, this field is used in a LOT of places, so we really need to think through the change, and verify it’s impact on the software!

***WARNING***  Modifications to the English.dic file changes the appearance of dialog boxes and commands.  ALWAYS save a backup of this file.  The TAG field is used in many places, so the changes you make MAY NOT be correct for all cases.

The first case, is one of spools.  Let’s say that you want to assign spool number to a great deal of fittings, and then want to be able to annotate that information to the drawing, similar to a line number.  The software has a provision in the ISOGEN section to give a component a spool number, but that information is only housed and used when using ISOGEN. 

Let’s turn to the english.dic file to tweak this.  There are 2 lines that need to be changed in the file, open the file in your favorite text editor and search for:


#0072=Short Long Tag||Annotation type [Short/Long/Tag] <Short>

I’ve replaced these to read:

T0003=Spool ID (TAG)

#0072=Shot Long Spool||Annotation type [Short/Long/Spool] <Short>

This change make my dialog look like this, notice the former Tag Field:


It also changed the annotation routine somewhat.  When you go to Plant>Text>Annotate>Component, your prompt will now appear like this:


Makes dropping text onto the screen REAL quick.  Additionally, you can use the Global Component Edit tool in CADWorx to "bulk add" spool numbers to entire runs of pipe with just a few clicks. 

Let’s look at another example, that of additional data or notes needed for a particular component.  This could be anything from the quick callout to a standard note on bolt hole alignment on flanges.

Take the same 2 lines, and change them to this:


#0072=Short Long Tag||Annotation type [Short/Long/Tag] <Short>


T0003=Additional Information (TAG)

#0072=Shot Long Additional information||Annotation type [Short/Long/Additional information] <Short>

Your dialogs and prompts will now look like:



and note, that your spec editor also updates with this change:


This let’s you put notes in, either on an individual component, or a family of them from the spec.  You can also use these on your BOM, like this, note the name of the TAG field in the setup dialog box:



Since the TAG field is exportable to the ISOGEN BOM as well, through Component Attribute 3 in the MLD file, this information can also travel out to your ISOGEN built BOM.

So there is a few examples of “other” things you can do, what ideas have YOU got?  Let me know!

As always, if you have any questions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  You can email me, IM me, heck, CALL me if you want, I’ll do everything in my power to help!