Process Design is growing! Read more

Process Design is growing!

Alot of you know a guy by the name of Dave Wolfe. Fortunately ECAD was able to hire this guy into the Process and Power team. We’ve been keeping him plenty busy, and as I’m sure alot of you know, he is amazing at the software. In the future, we’re going to get him more and more involved with this site as well, so that you won’t JUST have to listen to me ramble, you’ll get his knowledge too!

I know I”m extrememly excited to have his expertise available, and I’m sure we’ll all benefit a great deal!


CADWorx Plant and P&ID 2010 Ribbons Read more

CADWorx Plant and P&ID 2010 Ribbons

Okay, so by now a lot of people have seen these. The Process and Power team at ECAD has put together a standard set of ribbons for CADWorx Plant and P&ID 2010 on AutoCAD 2010. All you got to do is shoot me an email, and I’ll send them right over to you! We’re going to continue to work on more, so stay tuned!