Equipment tags on Links in P&ID Professional Read more

Equipment tags on Links in P&ID Professional

Assumptions.  We all make them.  Last week I discovered an incorrect assumption that we all are happier without.  Most of us want to show the equipment the line is going to or from on our links, right?  It’s a pretty standard request. For a long time, I’ve said this wasn’t possible. Last week I found […]

CADWorx 2010! Read more

CADWorx 2010!

With the latest release of 2010, we wanted to highlight some of the great new features with CADWorx 2010.  To this end, we made a short 10 min video to get everyone up to speed on 2010 and what it can do for you!

Adding CADWorx Ribbon by ECAD Read more

Adding CADWorx Ribbon by ECAD

Hello all. For my first post, I want to show how to add the CADWorx ribbons that Kyle has been handing out. Click here to get the pdf with screenshots or watch the video version. Enjoy!

Load the Ribbon

After receiving the ribbon via email or download, save them to a location that you will be able to access momentarily. Start CADWorx Plant and in a blank drawing start the CUI editor (CUI at the command line). Scroll down to the Partial Customization file node, right-click it and select Load Partial Customization file.

Browse to the location you’ve saved the ribbon, select it and click Open. In the Customizations in Main File drop down, select All Customization Files. Depending on the settings 1 of 2 things will happen. In most cases, the ribbon tabs are now added to every workspace, so you can click OK to close the dialog. However, you still should know how to add tabs to a workspace.

Create a Plant Workspace

Select the “3D Modeling” workspace at the top left and right-click to copy and paste the workspace. Rename the new workspace to Plant Ribbon, select it and click the Customize Workspace button. Let’s assume that in this case we need to add the ribbon tabs to the workspace. Once you are in workspace customization mode, items can be added to the workspace from the files in the left panel. Scroll down to PIPE_ALT_RIB under partial customization file and expand the ribbon node. Expand the tab node. The tab node displays all of the tabs available from the customization file. Check all of the tabs to add them to the workspace, or check the Tabs box.

In the workspace contents panel, the contents of the workspace we are currently customizing are displayed. Expand the Ribbon Tabs node. At the end of the tabs list are the Plant tabs. Drag and drop them to the front to have them display as the far left tabs. Click the Done button. On the left, select the Plant Ribbon workspace, right-click and set it current. Click OK to apply the changes and exit the dialog. After the CUI file saves, and updates the screen, your display will show the Plant Ribbon workspace with the CADWorx Ribbon included.

Having trouble viewing the video? See it here.

David Wolfe

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Sharing SQL Queries

  Today I wanted to post a tip on how to share queries.  Often users or the PDOTeam will post a query and we want you to know how to use that in your own project (like the query below).   SELECT [Components-Valves].ID_COUNT_, [Components-Valves].DWG_NAME_, [Components-Valves].SIZE_, [Components-Valves].SPEC_, [Components-Valves].CW_RES_01_, [Components-Process Lines].TAG_, [Components-Process Lines].SIZE_ AS [Line Size], IIf([Components-Valves]![SIZE_]=[Line […]