Equipment tags on Links in P&ID Professional

Assumptions.  We all make them.  Last week I discovered an incorrect assumption that we all are happier without.  Most of us want to show the equipment the line is going to or from on our links, right?  It’s a pretty standard request.


For a long time, I’ve said this wasn’t possible. Last week I found out that it is actually really easy!

All you have to do is add an attribute to your link with one of these names:


Here’s an example of a link that I modified:


Here’s the link placed in a drawing:


What is interesting about this, is that the link is reading the data in the link from the lines table.  Previously, I assumed the links would only read from the Link Database table.  It turns out that the links read and update the information from the Component-Lines table as well!


CEDIT Dialog

Process Data dialog

So,  with this easy change, you’ll be able utilize the intelligence of the process lines in your link flags.

Happy Thanksgiving!