Return of the PDO Team

Whew! We’re back.  In case you were wondering where we had disappeared, we lost the data for our blog due to some server issues.  Finally, we’re are functional again!

What this means for you, bad news first:

Unfortunately, we’ve lost your logins, usernames, passwords, and emails.  They’ve not been made public but you will need to re-register to take advantage of our free stuff.  Second, you’ll probably notice some missing images here and there on the site.  Please be patient as we are still trying to create/locate those.

The good news is that we’ve rolled out some changes that we are excited about.  A major change is the speed, you should notice the site loading about twice as fast (at least it does on my computer).  The biggest new feature we’d like to present is our store:


Now, this doesn’t mean you will need to pay for the ribbons or the Properties palette, those are still free (cost of $0).  It won’t be an automatic download since it’s going through our e-commerce system, but you will receive the download link fast.  Obviously, we plan to have more tools available for purchase soon, and we thought an ecommerce store would be an easy way to implement that.

For those of you not located in the U.S., we don’t have our export information lined up, so until we get that information setup, you’ll have to be content with the free downloads.

A second note, and hopefully not confusing, is that our downloads section has been renamed to Resources.  Under Resources, you will find pdf’s on various topics we blog or talk about.  The rule of thumb is that pdf’s will be under Resources, and everything else will be in the store.

We’re thankful to be back in communication with you all.  Thanks people who let us know they were missing the blog.  We hope you enjoy our renovation.