Update for CADWorx 2010

I wanted to take a minute to show how to make sure you are up to date on the latest CADWorx software.

Enter CADWORXABOUT at the command line, and you will get this dialog.  Then click the Check for Updates button.


Update: Per the comments, at times you may not be able to get the latest build by clicking the update button.  Here’s a link to send an email requesting the latest build for CADWorx.

We’ll do our best to keep you informed of the changes that we know about.

To that end here’s our list of the 3-30 update:

1. Compatibility with AutoCAD 2011.

2. Fix spec editing crash for Windows 7, 64-bit.

3. Fix Eccentric reducer crash. Ricky Medley nailed down the problem here:

“Basically, any setup in which a viewport is looking “down the barrel” of the eccentric reducer when placed in another viewport will cause the missing integer error.
Start a drawing, and set a split viewport in model space with one in top view, and the other set to right or left view. Place a eccentric reducer into the top view. Save the drawing, and re-open the drawing. The missing integer error will occur, and the drawing appears corrupted.
The ucs does not have to be set to the same view as right or left.
Placement in the right or left viewport will not generate the error.
The above scenario can be changed; Again copying the reducer into a drawing that “looks down the barrel” of the eccentric reducer does not produce an error.
This error only occurs when running CADWorx 2010 (Sept. release) on AutoCAD 2010.
I installed CADWorx 2010 (July release) on AutoCAD 2010, and the error did not occur.
Interestingly enough, the error did not occur when installing CADWorx 2010 (Sept. release) on AutoCAD 2009.
If the eccentric reducer is copied into the drawing in any viewport there is no corruption.”

It turns out, that AutoCAD generates the error, but the CADWorx guys were able to come up with a workaround in their development.

4. P&ID project creation crash for Windows 7, 64-bit.  This particular issue came up with a client.

5. Steel generic attached double-click broken.  Though working in the 3-3 release, the 3-25 release had a bug which is now fixed in the 3-30 release.  Stellar help by CADWorx as I notified them of this problem on 3-30 and the fix was posted the same day!

6.  COADE logo changed to Intergraph.

Again, we will try to stay on top of the fixes and post about the updates here!  If you’d like to contribute, Contact Us to tell us what bug COADE fixed for you that was included in the release.

  • Bruddah Al

    Went thru your procedure but only see the Sept Build. Will check back on to see if the new build is there on monday.

  • I added a link for at the bottom to email CADWorx and ask for the latest update directly.

  • Clark

    I just did the update on my machine and I forgot to protect my profile. This update will write over your profiles.

    • Updates will frequently overwrite your profile. It’s a good practice to log on to the machine as an admin, to avoid losing your profile information in the update. Of course you can always create a profile other than the default and be ok.

  • John McGovern

    Does anybody know how to get intouch with Rickey Medley? I use to work with him a few years back and would like to talk to him.