CADWorx Properties Palette by ECAD Stats

Looking through our records, I’ve been trying to tally up how many copies of the CADWorx Properties Palette by ECAD we’ve given out.  Since we haven’t been using the Store the whole time, the numbers are hit and miss, but I think we have roughly 40 people who have downloaded the palette.

The video has been viewed on YouTube 200 times, and downloaded 23 times. 


Knock on wood, we’ve received 0 bug reports.  While I hope the code works flawlessly, we all know that’s a small chance.  So, as weird as it sounds, we’d like to hear about any problems that you’ve run into. In the meantime, thanks for the positive verbal feedback about the palette. Here are some of the ideas people want to see added:

  1. Allowing selecting an object first and displaying the results.
  2. Include a quick select method, so multiple objects can be selected easier.
  3. Make the properties editable from the Palette.

Do you have other ideas? We’d love to hear from you!