Sneak Previews

Within the next couple weeks, we will be releasing a new product that could save you a lot of time (time = money!).  I wanted to post a bit about the product, and some other things we are thinking about as well.

As part of our services here at ECAD, we provide services to customers who need customization done.  Often times, we find that people don’t have the time to learn the nuts and bolts of non-design software.  So, to help you have more time designing we provide installation services, training, and customization on our products. 

During a visit to GWD Design, my role was to migrate them from an old database format to the newer ICES database.  After a sitting down and getting a list of questions they had about CADWorx (I can’t resist knowing what people are doing with CADWorx), a question was posed.  Is there a way to publish a Bill of Materials in a consistent Excel format using CADWorx?  Short answer…there wasn’t.

Thanks to the proposition from GWD, we created the BOM Gather spreadsheet.  Priced at $300 (per company) the spreadsheet will eliminate a lot of manual effort in Excel and streamline your BOM production.  Since this is a sneak preview…I’ll post one sentence WinkThe BOM Gather spreadsheet will virtually eliminate BOM formatting time by importing BOM items (minus the mark column) from spreadsheets (or Access queries!) into an Excel workbook, and allowing dated export to a new file.

Moving on…another feature on our agenda is consolidating some of our tools.  We’re planning to package the CADWorx Properties palette with the ribbon, to add access to the palette via ribbon.  One topic I’m reflecting on is whether to combine the P&ID Ribbons and the Plant ribbons, obviously it’d be much easier to release/handout one all inclusive package than several smaller packages.  In addition, I’d like to add commands to display the ribbons and/or add them to a workspace.

Let me know if you guys have any thoughts on these topics!