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Email Cleanup

We have had several people register for our site that our email sever can’t connect to.  If you are one of these who have never received a registration email, please use the Contact Us page to connect with us so that we can try to troubleshoot the problem.

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Sharing CADWorx P&ID on a network

Frequently people ask how to share P&ID symbols and settings with others in the company.  In this article, we are going to walk through the steps of setting up a CADWorx P&ID to use network libraries. Overview: Create a directory for symbols on your network. Copy the CADWorx symbols and menu symbol files to the […]

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Sneak Preview-Project Configuration Manager

So I got started on the project configuration manager this week.  A method for switching projects has been on the request list for a long time.  We’ve posted a video of the progress so far on our site.  Do you have ideas?  Tell about them-! and here is the video:

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The CADWorx/Intergraph Team

Over last few months, everyone has been wondering (myself included)—how is Intergraph purchasing CADWorx going to affect us?  On the forums, we have heard views from “It’s the end of the world!” to “the greatest thing since sliced bread.”  But alas, we can’t know the future until we get there (unless you’re from the future […]

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BOM Gather Spreadsheet Released

Today the BOM Gather Spreadsheet hits the store! To answer your first question, here is what the spreadsheet can do for you. Automate the process of formatting your spreadsheet. Import a query from a database to the pre-formatted spreadsheet. Compare two published spreadsheets and list the differences. By the way, you may be […]

Changing the Default Nozzle in CADWorx Read more

Changing the Default Nozzle in CADWorx

In CADWorx Equipment, when you place a nozzle, out of the box it comes in as a 4″ 150# RFWN.  What if you use 90% Long Weld Necks?  What if most of your nozzles are a 300#?  What if you are putting a 2″ nozzle in w/ a 3/4″ coupling for a pressure tap?  Let’s […]