BOM Gather Spreadsheet Released

Today the BOM Gather Spreadsheet hits the store!

To answer your first question, here is what the spreadsheet can do for you.

  1. Automate the process of formatting your spreadsheet.
  2. Import a query from a database to the pre-formatted spreadsheet.
  3. Compare two published spreadsheets and list the differences.

By the way, you may be interested to find out that this is ALL in Excel 2007.  No new program to learn, but you can still tweak the settings you need!

At ECAD we decided to go with a blended approach to allow access to database information.  Since every company wants their reports, their way, we can customize your project database to include those.  Then, by listing the query (report) that you want, you can bring the information directly into a spreadsheet that you have already formatted. 

While custom queries sound expensive, we have had a customer spend only ~$1200 for the queries + the spreadsheet.  That’s for the entire company to be able to use the spreadsheet!

Take a look at the store, go through the readme, and check out the video.  We’d love to help you get the BOM Gather spreadsheet worked into your design process.

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BOM Gather in the Store