Customizing the SpecView Palette in CADWorx Plant & Plant Professional

For many users, the SpecView palette is something you either love or hate.  Many have opened it up, only to turn it right back off because it looked cluttered.  I gave it a fair shot, liked it “okay” but felt that if it was laid out a little bit better, it could go a little bit farther.  To that end, I set out to see what all CAN be done to get it like I needed it for it to be useful.  Rather than type it all out here, I’ve created a PDF that you can download that will walk you through the explanation and the steps to tweak and customize the spec view. 

A few of the things that I managed to do:

  • Customize the order of components
  • Customize what is in what catagory

The first being easy to do using the “custom” view setting, the second, is a little tricker, and requires some manipulation of the files behind the scene.

We’ve used this “customized” version of the SpecView palette in several training classes with a good response, so now it’s your turn to tell us what you think!

Download the PDF here, and tell us what you think!