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In this post we broke the news about CADWorx 2011.  To cover Clark’s question, I thought I’d post about the upcoming release.  First of all there will be a release slated for the end of the user conference in Houston.  This release is CADWorx 2011.  To clarify the CADWORX Next Generation technology is only a subset of the 2011 release.

There will be more details to follow as a great deal of how specs are being handled is be gone over at this time.  Transferring specs into the new format reliably is probably at the top of the priority list.  I know we cover different aspects of it in every review we do with the Alpha group.

When anyone references CADWorx Next Generation technology, they are referring to the new method of drawing CADWorx objects, based on a new spec file format.  As a result of the new drawing method, object enablers will be used (at the time of this writing).  In the last review, the team demonstrated that installing the object enabler for AutoCAD also make the piping objects available in Navisworks.  The next wrinkle they are working on is making sure the data is available in Navisworks as well. Rest assured, that viewing CADWorx objects in Navisworks is an extremely high priority.

Of course, the CADWorx team is working very hard to make sure the changing the piping objects will have no impact on the rest of the functionality.  Even my custom lisp routines still work.  The old xdata format is still preserved on the new objects.  For example, our CADWorx Properties palette on the new objects with no modifications.

In my opinion, one feature that is starting to look really good is the Spec editor.  The V-Mosaics team (that’s the group developing the Next Generation toolset) has been hard at work adding some great features.  In the last review, the team included pictorial samples of the dimensions when you are editing the data table (which is the data file) so that you don’t have to guess what each dimension is.

Super excited about 2011! See you all in Houston so you can get your copy!

One thought on “CADWorx 2011

  • Clint Hill



    What time of year is CADWorx Plant software typically released?
    Is a ‘NG’ type of release typical? What percentage of the total 2011 release does it represent?
    Also, does 2011 represent a big leap forward as far as the GUI, user productivity via improved functionality or both of them?

    I also really appreciate your customized RIBBONS for Plant (& P&ID). Thanks!

    – Clint

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