Navisworks Searching

On the forums this week a question came up on pipe colors.  Most of us are familiar with changing the color of the layer for piping.  However, through Navisworks we also have another option.  The technique below will show you how to create a search, save it and override the color of the searched items.

In the long run, while changing the color of the pipe in Navisworks is cool, knowing how to create and save a search in Navisw orks is the big idea I wanted to share.

For example, frequently people want to see all the pipes in one spec.  Creating a search on the spec and saving it will quickly allow you to locate the items in the entire project.

I hope you take this technique and use it to help you find great stuff!

1.  The first step is to create the search.  To do this we will use the search palette.

6-24-2010 10-11-19 AM

We select the CADWorx category, Line Number, Contains and enter the value we want found in the Value field.

2. Next we save our search. Open the selection sets palette, right-click in a blank area and choose Add Current Search.

6-23-2010 1-34-52 PM

3. After that we can click on the search in the palette to select all the items found.  Notice that since we are saving a search, every time the model is updated the new results are included.

4. Right click on the selected pipe and choose override color:

6-23-2010 1-36-01 PM

5.  Pick the color and presto chango!

6-23-2010 1-36-16 PM