Searching…No Results Found

I realized recently that the search plug-in for our blog wasn’t working well.  Ok, it wasn’t working at all.  For example, people searched for “ribbon” and no results would display.  Last week, I was able to find some other plug-ins that should resolve the issues.

Blog Search box:



Now, a search for “ribbon” will display a list of posts and the ones that reference the ribbon while have the word highlighted like so:


For some reason, posts without the word ribbon display in the results though..I’ll have to try to figure out what is happening there.

The other key search tool to be aware of is on our Resources page shown below.  Unfortunately, the downloads we post don’t display in the overall search results so you will need to search here additionally.  As a side note, we’ve posted links to the CADWorx Webinars so you guys have access to those as well.


Webinar video links: