2011 Update

More questions on 2011! Great input guys, I really appreciate the feedback.  Keep it coming.  Clint’s a new user who’s been on the forums trying to learn about CADWorx and he asked a question to my previous post on CADWorx 2011.

CADWorx has 2 official releases, one in the spring and a fall release.  The spring release is a compatibility release to allow CADWorx to run on the latest release of AutoCAD, and contains no new features.

The fall release, or feature release is where all the goodies come in.  Typically, the feature release is new tools and enhancements that help our job get done easier.  In the last couple, we had the Pipe Support palette added, topworks, insulation view and much more.

On the Next Generation topic, I think some history is in order.  CADWorx has a good history behind, and if you check out the readme.htm, you can see it goes back to 1996.  Back in 1996, CADWorx was built on a technology that allowed for great development and stability…LISP.  While LISP is still around, and excellent for some tasks, today it is an older technology that limits development.  Over the years, CADWorx has built tools in ObjectArx (C++) that capitalize on the abilities of the C++ for development (like all those palettes we’re fond of).  However, the core modeling functions remained LISP.

The Next Generation technology was created to move the modeling core into the 21st century.  By upgrading the modeling core, users get increased productivity from intelligent components and a more flexible spec system.  Remember, the biggest advantage of CADWorx is that even though the technology change is new, we have ~15 years of things we wanted to do, some of which we will now be able to do in CADWorx, like changing the size/spec by selection.

On the topic of percentage of the release is Next Generation tools, I think it’s probably about 75%. Again, that’s my own guess.  Thankfully, an core re-write release is not typical.  15 years ago, CADWorx made some smart decisions about implementing a pipe modeling system, and hopefully these new features will carry us a long time as well.  In my mind, CADWorx 2011 is a big productivity release.  The spec editor continues to become more intuitive, and the pipe routing is very clean and simple.

That’s it for now, keep the feedback coming please!

  • Clark

    Dave, thanks for all the info. You mentioned the spec editor so I will ask my big question here.
    My company is heavily invested in part numbers linked to descriptions. This is not an easy task in the current CADWorx so we use a third party software to develop all of our specs.
    Is the new CADWorx addressing this issue, and if so can you explain how they are?
    Can the specs be locked down so individual designers do not have revision access?
    Thanks again,