CADWorx 2011 Update

The next release of CADWorx is right around the corner.  From now until the release date, the beta team and developers have a bi-weekly meeting showcasing the latest fixes and updates.  The release is scheduled for October 1, with a pre-release being given away to attendees of CADWorx University 2010.

This past Wednesday we got to see some exciting new features. 

Spec Editor Undo

Have you ever messed up and deleted the wrong parameter in a data file, or perhaps an entire row without realizing it?  In the new spec editor we now have the undo capability up to the last 100 actions! I love it.


Drum roll, please!  By popular demand CADWorx is including ribbons for CADWorx Plant and CADWorx P&ID. 

Equipment Stiffening Rings

This last review also showed how to add stiffening rings to CADWorx Equipment.  The rings are read from steel data files and can be flipped, or rotated to get the angle you need.

User Data in Specs

Previously we were given the ability to add user data to component table, but now we can add User data to the specification items.  Along with new note features, this latest enhancement fulfills a long time request from users.

P&ID and XML Specs

To carry on with implementing the new spec format, CADWorx P&ID has been modified to insert components from the xml specs.


Two commands we cannot do without, TAP and OTAP have been made to work with the new components in Plant 2011.  However, don’t get too fond of them, as there are plans to make connections more automated in a next release.

Since I can’t list everything, be sure to stay tuned for more updates!

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  • I’m trying to figure out how to port a valve and put block body valves in so they generate properly in isogen. any help, would be greatly appreciated!


    • Due to our switch to selling AutoCAD Plant 3D products, we are no longer creating additional articles for CADWorx. We are keep the archives of the current articles for the benefit of our CADWorx users.

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