Changing Text Height in CADWorx P&ID

Today’s material comes from a discussion between myself and Werner Theron, of Chempute.  A client wanted to change the height of a text on P&ID, and needed to know the best way to do that.  Two options are available for such situation, SCALETEXT, and the CADWorx P&ID command TEXTCORRECT.  Both accomplish the same thing, but TEXTCORRECT image may be the easiest to access via button.

Here is a preview of the text we are going to change:


For SCALETEXT, start the command and select the objects.  At the command line you should see a prompt to choose a basepoint.  Use the existing option.


The next prompt allows you to draw a size or enter a value, we will enter .4 (yes the text will be large)!

Here are the results:


Notice two things:


The arrow at the top points to the label that was 1/8” when all the other text was 3/32”.  When selecting a block, all of the attributes inside it get selected. 

Also notice at the bottom left, there was text in our label.  Nested text won’t get changed at all. 

Because of these two effects, I recommend creating a new label with the text sized appropriately, and using GROUPADD to include it with the equipment.  Use GROUPREMOVE to remove the old label.

The TEXTCORRECT achieves the same results.  Start the TEXTCORRECT command, choose multiple, and then enter the size.  Last select the objects.