NEW Steel Toolkit 3.0 AVAILABLE!

We’ve had lots of downloads, and lots of feedback on our Steel Toolkit, so an update was in order.   We still feel that CADWorx Steel provides a great deal of flexibility in todays workplace, and with the addition of a few simple datafiles,  you can greatly expand on that.  The contents of the Steel Toolkit 3.0 are:

Lumber (Flat Bar)


Bar Grate(Plate)

Checkered Floor Plate (Plate)

Historical Steel (Wide Flange)

Concrete Forms(Pipe)




3 Double Angle Datafiles (Double Angle, Double Angle Equal Leg, Double Angle Un-Equal Leg)***NEW***

Unistrut 1 5/8 Channel (P Series) (User Shapes)***NEW***

We are very excited about the Double Angle and the Unistrut files.  In addition to the 3 Double Angles files, there are 44 Unistrut shapes!

Double Angles are all based on a .25″ gap, but can be modified prior to placement by manipulating the data file.  If other “standards” are requested, I can add those files as well.

The Unistrut takes advantage of the CADWorx Steel User Shapes routines that allows for the profile extrusion of any closed polyline.  These are all Catalog Numbered to coincide with your Unistrut Catalog.  You need only to copy the Folder into the Steel_I directory under your install and type SUSER at the command line, or pick the User shape from the ECAD Ribbon.

You can download these at no charge in our store

Installation couldn’t be easier, just unzip and copy the contents into your Steel_I folder!

Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions, please contact us!