CADWorx 2011 New Features Video

A video demonstrating the new features for CADWorx Plant Professional, and CADWorx P&ID Professional has been posted on our YouTube site.

Check it out below:

Also we’ve posted a video of another new feature we are adding, the NOZZLEATTACH command:

As always trying to keep you informed on the latest CADWorx news!

I’ve included the 2011 video for download below:

[Download not found]

If you don’t have access to Youtube, you can download videos from our video page:


4 thoughts on “CADWorx 2011 New Features Video

  • dgorsman


    Not sure about this upgrade; migrating the data files alone will take weeks, not to mention existing specs, existing client models. I’m having a hard enough time getting everybody up to Plant 2010!

    • Well, sure if you are going to manually redo the data files it will take a long time. That’s why we are trying to test the data file/spec import as rigorously as possible now in the beta stages. There will always be late adopters, though! Feel free to send us some complicated data files/specs and we can work through them for beta testing.

  • Richard W.


    The soundtrack seems to be missing in the Nozzle Attach video? I’m wondering if this will do the trick for making ‘dumb’ vendor blocks ‘intelligent’ (re: IsoGen requirements)

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