CADWorx Properties Palette Update

Over the last week, the CADWorx Properties palette was updated to be backwards compatible to AutoCAD 2007.  Previously, we had made it compatible back to AutoCAD 2009.  We found a simple fix to make it compatible with AutoCAD 2008.  However, we couldn’t find a good way to get 2007 to work reliably, so we added a new command, –CWPROPERTIES (note the negative).

One standard that AutoCAD has been using for quite some time is to make command line versions of dialog boxes available by adding a “-“ (minus) sign to the command.  So, if you type in LAYER you get this:


but if you type in “-layer” you get this:


We felt this feature would be an apt version to add for legacy compatibility.  If you install the latest build (CADWorx Properties 1.2), you’ll be able to use –CWPROPERTIES to display properties on the command line.

We’ve added a link to view your account from our main store page, so if you have already “purchased” this item, you can access the downloads for it again to get the latest version.  IF you haven’t downloaded it, please visit our store to see all the products we have available.

Although we have gotten a lot of downloads for this product, we don’t have much feedback on it, or addition features that should be included so please Contact Us for ideas you’d like to see implemented.