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ECAD Database Update

A couple small housekeeping updates to the ECAD database.  The SQLMap table had an incorrect mapping for the Process Lines table. Also, the DatabaseECAD.tbl file incorrectly used the LINE_LIST_ field in the Process Lines sections instead of LINELIST_.  A new version has been posted, and you may download it by going to your orders page.

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Disconnects in ISOGEN

For many years, troubleshooting pipe connectivity for ISOGEN was…well, annoying to say the least.  Typically, the process went something like this: Run an iso/isos. Get a list of lines with disconnects. View the generated failed iso’s to see where the disconnect was shown. Fix the disconnects that were indicated. Isolate lines that couldn’t have drawings […]

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Line View settings

I’ve started working on a line number filter app to go out in our CADWorx Properties palette program.  For a while, I’ve wanted an easy way to take a filter, and save for later use. For information about filters, check out the Common List Dialog in the CADWorx help file. Basically, you can use a […]