Disconnects in ISOGEN

For many years, troubleshooting pipe connectivity for ISOGEN was…well, annoying to say the least.  Typically, the process went something like this:

  1. Run an iso/isos.
  2. Get a list of lines with disconnects.
  3. View the generated failed iso’s to see where the disconnect was shown.
  4. Fix the disconnects that were indicated.
  5. Isolate lines that couldn’t have drawings generated.
  6. Erase half the line and see if it would iso.  If it did, then the other half contained the error.  Repeat until the error located.

I got away from using the CONTINUITY command because it really didn’t seem to show all that much (and I got tired of erasing those little bubbles).

Thankfully, the latest update of CADWorx 2010 contains an AWESOME new tool.  You will probably want to create a PGP entry for this one – DISCONTINUITYVIEW.  Alternatively, get used to entering DIS + TAB and you’ll get to the command fairly quickly as well.  In any case, below is an image of the wonderful new palette.


  So, what’s the big deal?  One button.  Yep. 


One button transforms the steps above (all 6 repeated on multiple lines ) to this:


or this:


All of the lines in your model, including x-refs!  I can’t tell you how excited I was about this feature. It literally (and I remember those days) can cut days/weeks off production time.  Here’s a rundown of the rest of the buttons. My second favorite is the scissors.  If you select components that are overlapping items (the same components placed EXACTLY on top of each other) and then push this handy button, CADWorx clears out the extras leaving one in the model so you can iso the line correctly.


I hope you enjoy the discontinuity palette as much as I do!