Line View settings

I’ve started working on a line number filter app to go out in our CADWorx Properties palette program.  For a while, I’ve wanted an easy way to take a filter, and save for later use.

For information about filters, check out the Common List Dialog in the CADWorx help file.

Basically, you can use a string like *124*,*NG* to list all the lines that have 124 somewhere in the line number or NG somewhere in the line number.  This type of filtering is available whenever the common list dialog is used and also in the line view palette where a selecting lines to display.


My thoughts are to have an app that will pull the filter from your clipboard when you click a save button, and then write the filter to a file to retrieve later.  Also, you should be able to assign a name to the filter to remember why you saved it.

So, I’m looking for feedback here, what do you think a filter save program should do?