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Loading Equipment with CADWorx Plant

Pretty frequently  we get asked how to load equipment in CADWorx Plant.  Today I’m going to walk through how CADWorx get’s loaded into AutoCAD.  To learn how this works we will discuss the support file search paths, and files that AutoCAD loads automatically. Since I am a big fan of knowing why things work, we’ll […]

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SPECVIEW–Quick changes

It’s funny how topics are brought to mind.  Every time I install or update CADWorx, I have a couple tweaks that I always make.  First I always want Equipment loaded inside of Plant, and second I always change my spec view settings.  Today we’ll go over some quick changes I like to make on the […]

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Setting up company toolbars/menus in AutoCAD (2005+)

So today’s post is more of a customization topic.  Routinely, we run across customer’s who have tools that they want loaded into AutoCAD.  Sometimes they way they’ve loaded them, means that they’ll have to work extra-hard to make sure everyone get’s a copy. In a perfect world, we’d be able to have our laptop and […]

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Intergraph Downtime

As many are aware, Alabama was struck by some fierce storms causing 151 tornados with  the end of April.  Because of the devastation, the Intergraph offices have been, and many homes and business are still without power, telephone, and internet services. The Huntsville offices are likely to remain closed or understaffed for the remainder of […]