SPECVIEW–Quick changes

It’s funny how topics are brought to mind.  Every time I install or update CADWorx, I have a couple tweaks that I always make.  First I always want Equipment loaded inside of Plant, and second I always change my spec view settings.  Today we’ll go over some quick changes I like to make on the Spec View Palette.  Incidentally, I just realized that KP did a post on this almost exactly a year ago, which goes over some great options if you really want to have some fun.

So here’s a screen shot of my settings:


I click show optional because I want to be able to place my optional components without my SPECOPTIONTOGGLE on, and I always want to see socket weld and threaded.  Generally, you shouldn’t have Show All Components checked, because you can’t take advantage of one of the key features of the palette – it auto-filters components based on size and availability in your spec. 

Last, I also choose the View 3  because it’s laid out exactly like the spec editor so I’m more familiar with it.  Below is a view of my working spec editor.