Creating BOM’s in AutoCAD Plant 3D

One of the most requested features in AutoCAD Plant 3D is the ability to create bill of materials.  To address the need, ECAD wrote the Create BOM plugin.

The plugin is available in our store.

A readme/how-to is included in the product.

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The product info page is here:

Video Preview:

Key Features:

  • Creates a Bill of Material using an AutoCAD table
  • Stores the Bill of Material in the orthographic drawing file
  • Flexible tagging methods
  • Tagging creates a default “BOM Tag” multi-leader style
  • Tagging uses the current multi-leader style
  • Hi, its possible editing “bomtable” before we insert into the drawing ?

    • Not currently. When the feature is included in Plant3D it will have options for customization.