Converting CADWorx Specs to AutoCAD Plant 3D

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One of the things that has been brought up more and more with every demo and discussion I have about Plant 3D is that the client has invested a great deal of time in their CADWorx specs, and don’t want to lose that work.    Fortunately for us, Autodesk heard that, and has added the ability to convert these specs to AP3D specs.  Now, lets be realistic.  A lot of people have REALLY tweaked their CADWorx specs, I taught a lot of people how to do it, so not everything is going to 100% transfer, but if we are looking are rebuilding an entire spec, or only rebuilding 10%-15%, I’ll take the latter.

So of all the steps to do this, there really is only 1 that causes problems with people.  We need to tell the converter where to go and look for the CADWorx Datafiles to make the conversion, most people will browse down to the LIB_I or LIB_M folder, and that is to far.  If we think back to our CADWorx days, in the config file, we always told it the upper level to find them.  C:\CADWorx 2010\Plant\ that was it.  Same thing plays here.  If you have customized your datafiles and put them on the Network, goto the upper level folder, not the folder that contains the datafiles.


Below is an example of the conversion process.



As always, if there are any questions, please let us know!


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