Changing the Project name in Plant 3D

As many may know, there isn’t a way to change the project name via the UI.  However, there is still a way.


To get to where the data is stored, we will need some tools to open the SQLite database.  If you are using SQL Server, you’ll have an easier time because you have a way to edit the data already.  Of course, proceed with caution, you should make a backup of the project before proceeding.


So far the best free tool I’ve run across is the SQLite Explorer (  I’m sure you can pay for one that is better, but SQLite Explorer works well for what we need to do.


One downside is that you will need to download the SQLite dll to put in the folder with the explorer in order for it to work.

The SQLite download is available here:

I’ve put together a zip with both the exe and a build of the dll so you can download them together.

[Download not found]


Project Manager Name Locations

The key is to realize where Plant 3D stores the project name locations. The easiest place to locate is the project.xml.  If you open the project.xml in a text editor, locate the Project name and description fields here, and set them.  Make sure your names are UTF-8 encoded (use this site:  For example, if you put P&ID in the xml, the project won’t open.  If you put P&ID, the project opens because the “&” was properly escaped.


If we were to open our project after editing this file, we wouldn’t see any change in the project manager.  The project name is stored in every database associated with the project.  So, the name is referenced in ProcessPower.dcf, Piping.dcf, Iso.dcf, and Ortho.dcf.

The Piping.dcf project name is the one displayed in the Project manager palette inside Plant 3D.

The following steps will show how to change the project name in a dcf file.  I recommend changing ALL the dcfs, and the project.xml to match.  The project description comes from the ProcessPower.dcf so I’m sure the project name is referenced by other code than just the project manager, and renaming all the databases is the safest way to proceed.

After you have downloaded the SQLite Explorer, and extracted it to a folder, navigate to that folder and run the exe.



You’ll see a screen like the one above.  Click open database and navigate to the Piping.dcf for the project you wish to rename.

Make sure to switch the file type to all files:


Scroll down to PnPProject, right-click it and select Show Data.


Select the project name field and click Edit record:


Type in the name that you want.  Feel free to change the description here too.

I’m going to make my name and description match my project.xml. When you are done, click the green post edit check mark and then the Update Database with changes button.


You will need to change the name/descriptions to match in all the database.

Once completed, you will see the changes in the project manager.


You will also see the change in the Project Setup dialog.


Anyhow, not being able to rename a project was really bugging me, so at least we have a work around that avoids creating new projects.

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