PDO Team and ECAD, Inc.

We are changing up our site to show a more direct connection to who we are.  A lot of our clients know where our group is from but those of you discovering us recently probably do not.

The process and power group at ECAD, Inc. maintains the PDO team site.  We take questions that we get from clients or that we see on the forums and take the time to write up related articles.

On a personal level, my goal is to create and maintain an up to date knowledge base of the products we use.  I know when I first got started out on plant design software, we didn’t have many resources available.  The process design from the outside site is an effort to give new users a leg up so they can get their projects started.

The first item that has been implemented is a Training tab which will take you back to the ECAD, Inc site where you can find a training class schedule at one of our offices.  We will be doing some changes for the next while.  Please feel free to give us feedback or contact us if you have any questions.

We have also moved the blog posts to the Articles tab.

Please be patient as we re-arrange some content so we can better serve you.