Nozzle Reports for AutoCAD Plant 3D

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One client asked how to create nozzle reports in the Report Creator.  While you can easily print out a list of nozzles, the out-of-the-box setup doesn’t give you a way to view the Equipment tag.

Special thanks to Ken Fauver for coming up with this method.

We will have to create an acquisition property on our nozzles that reads the Equipment tag.  Then we can use that tag to group our nozzles together in our reports.


In Project Setup under Plant 3D Class Definitions > Piping and Equipment >  select Nozzle.


click the Add button at the far right to add a new column  enter EquipmentTag for the Property Name and Equipment Tag for the Description.  Select the Acquisition Property type.


In the Select Data Source dialog, choose the Equipment Category and the Tag property.


Repeat the process and create an acquisition property for the Equipment Long Description (Size).

Click Ok to accept the changes to the project setup.

Open an drawing with an equipment piece in it.  Remember with grouped items like nozzles and gaskets/connectors, you have to hold Ctrl + click to select the item.  Holding Ctrl + double-clicking pulls up the properties palette.

In our model, the fields are blank.


On existing equipment pieces, you can select the override mode and then switch to the Acquired Mode to have the field populate with the correct value.  Equipment placed in the future will have the values populated automatically.




For pumps, you won’t be able to do the Ctrl+Click method to select the nozzle.  It turns out that the fastest way to change the property will be through the Data Manager.  Here you can assign all the acquisition quickly (though not at one time).


In a future post we will create a report that utilizes the properties we added.

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