Iso Config Editor Introduction

We have just released a new tool called the Iso Config Editor for 2013 which is now available in our store.

The Iso Config Editor allows loading up an isoconfig.xml in a specialized xml editor.



The editor has the following features:

  • View node data
  • View Comments
  • Edit values
  • Right-click clone/delete for lists
  • Search


In addition, a button and ribbon panels are on the ribbon inside of Plant 3D giving easy access to the current project’s settings.



Also included is a PDO Plugin manager:


We are in the process of developing several other plugins and you will be able to control whether the plugins load for the current profile from the plugin manager.  In our experience, when troubleshooting, you need to be able to isolate what gets loaded into AutoCAD, so we are providing a way to do that with our plugins.  For example, on my computer I have the config editor loaded and a test app.


Unchecking a plugin box, will prevent AutoCAD from loading the plugin the next time AutoCAD starts.

Don’t forget to check out the YouTube video: