Customizing Line Display in Plant 3D Isometrics

From time to time we will get a client who doesn’t want line number to display on the pipe line.  Altering the line display requires us to edit the isoconfig.xml.  Previously, you had to wade through the text, but with the Iso Cfg Editor’s release, we don’t have to do that any more.


Open your iso config xml and scroll down to Themes > Theme – Default > Annotations > AnnotationSchemes > LineNumberScheme – LineNumber


To understand what is happening we need to visualize the way the formats are organized.

Hopefully the graphic will help convey what I’m trying to say.


The bottom levels LineFields and ComponentFields reference column names that can be used to get information. I’ll do a post later on a which fields are available to use and how to reference them.

The three format fields (Format, LineFormat, and ComponentFormat, indicate the order for those fields. The fields use a form of programmer’s notation to reference the column names.


For example, ComponentFields list has two items Size and PIPING-SPEC.  The component format references them by using {0}-{1}, where 0 refers to the first item in a list (again-programmers) and 1 is the second item.  So Component format is going to use the columns like this: Size-PIPING SPEC.  You could switch the order by writing: {1}-{0} and get PIPING SPEC-Size.



The other key piece of information is that the Format field uses the Line Format as the first item and the Component Format as the second item.  So in reality, the Format field could be descriptively read as Format = LineFormat-ComponentFormat.  If we were to break the fields all down, it would read, Format = PIPELINE-REFERENCE-Size PIPING-SPEC.

All that to say if we just want the Size and Piping spec, we can set Format = {1} so the LineFormat is not even referenced.

Hopefully the explanation of what happens behind the scenes helps you make sense of the setup.  Remember that we just changed the Default theme.  If we want the line number annotation to appear like this every where, we should change the LineNumberScheme for all the styles.