Launching in P&ID Mode or Plant 3D Mode

One question I’ve gotten in the past is “How do you launch Plant 3D in P&ID mode.”  Frequently, we may be working only on P&IDs, and it’s nice to have the P&ID environment ready for us when we start Plant 3D.

In our previous post on launching a specific project, I mentioned the help file location that shows available startup switches for AutoCAD.,topicNumber=d30e211249

It’s been about four years since I’ve read that and I ran across a switch that I either missed or that they’ve added, /w.  The /w parameter allows you to pick a workspace to load.

The weird thing is that the Plant 3D palette keeps showing up.  Taking notes from a previous tutorial, we can use a script to fix that.

When they introduced the dynamic tool palette last year, they added a new variable PLANTDYNAMICTOOLPALETTE.  With that variable, you can enable or disable the tool palette.  After disabling the palette, use the TPNAVIGATE command to switch to the P&ID PIP tool palette group.


Our startup script looks like this:

(command “TPNAVIGATE” “G” “P&ID PIP”)

The parameters for our Desktop Icon are:

/w “P&ID PIP” /b “U:\Scripts\LoadPIPPalettes.scr”



We can create a similar icon for Plant by using a startup script like this:

(command “PLANTDYANMICTOOLPALETTE” “E”).  Because the tool palette is one of the last items to load, we don’t have to switch the tool palette group.


The startup parameters would look like this:

/b “U:\Scripts\LoadPlantPalettes.scr” /w “3D Piping”