Title Block Attributes for Isos in AutoCAD Plant 3D

We ran into an issue this week where isos wouldn’t generate for a particular title block.  In locating the problem, I was reminded of a best practice.

When you are creating attributes for blocks, ALWAYS use unique tags.  While AutoCAD will let you add the same tag, supporting multiple tags is not something developer’s think of often, and you may mistake two different attributes at times as well.

In this situation the title block had several attributes that were doubled, but the most important one was DATE:


The reason the tag causes trouble is because Plant 3D populates the DATE tag based on the iso title block setup.





You can map/unmap your attributes, but it looks like the REV and DATE attributes will always have to be mapped.  When I tried to unmap them, they were always reset to mapped. The solution in this situation is to use the block attribute manager (BATTMAN) to rename all but one DATE tag.



I hope this saves someone a headache!