Adding External Drawings To AutoCAD Plant 3D

I had always assumed that drawings have to be in the project structure in order to be included in the project.  Recently I ran into a little trick that really helps solve some issues.


Here’s the scenario: we had a client who wanted to use some outside files in the project, but who didn’t want to clutter up the project folder with copies of the files.  For extra points, we were using Dropbox to share the files between our computers.


To solve the problem we added the external folder to the project.

Create the folder.


Make sure create folder is unchecked.


Browse to the external folder location:


For this exercise I chose My Documents as it has some exported Revit files.


Then use Copy Drawing to Project and select the file you are going to use as an x-ref.


The file will be kept at its original location, and you can use it in your orthographic drawings.