Converting CADWorx Specs to AutoCAD Plant 3D

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One of the issues with converting CADWorx specs is that you have to add multiple mappings.  The other morning I was able to do some research and automate generating duplicate mappings for the bulk of the components.


If I remember correctly, you can have up to 99 (or maybe 199) of the same component type in a CADWorx spec.


There are a couple of items that I haven’t figured out yet.  Laterals, weld gaps, and special end type components don’t convert well.

I haven’t really dug into the lateral issue.

Weld gaps aren’t in Plant 3D per se.  I think it’d be possible to add them as a joint type by modifying the project setup, but I haven’t completely ironed out those wrinkles.

Special end type components (sanitary) are just “special.”  Because CADWorx specifies the endtype for the components in the data file, there isn’t a way to map a Plant 3D drawing routine to special end type components. So, you will need to create catalog items for special end components.


I’m hosted the updated mapping files in Dropbox.

Here are the instructions for using them.  The installation folder referenced is like C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013 – English\

  1. Create backup copies of the CWToP3dClassMapping.xml and CWToP3dGeometryMapping.xml found in the installation folder.  I’ve included backups in Dropbox under the CADWorx\
  2. Extract the files from Replacement to the installation folder.
  3. Convert your specs.
  4. After running the conversion, replace the new mappings with the originals.  I noticed some bugs showed up in Plant 3D if I left the new large file mappings in.
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