Large Model Orthos

This past week, I spent some time in the Ft Worth office of Jacobs Engineering.  One of the issues they had is that they need to be able to create orthos for large models a little easier.


One of the issues when working with large models is that displaying them in a visual style other than 2D wireframe create a big performance hit.

To make the ortho creation process easier, we changed the visual style so that models open up in 2D Wireframe.

The process requires two simple steps:


1. Open up the OrthoTemp.dwt.  Located in your temporary settings folder (LOCALROOTPREFIX), the OrthoTemp.dwt is the template used when creating orthographic drawings.  You should start the open command and switch the files of type to .dwt.  Then you can select OrthoTemp.dwt.



After opening, don’t forget to switch back to opening .dwgs.

2. Change the visual style of the template to 2D Wireframe and save the changes to the template.


On a side note, we discovered this week that when creating the ortho, the models from the project get copied into the ortho drawing.  So the ortho generator doesn’t really process xrefs, it copies the items within the xrefs.  I think that this is one of the main reasons that drawings have to be included in the project in order to show up in the ortho, but we found out for tricks for that too!

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