Editing XML Files

Recently I ran across a great new XML Editor.  Previously, I’ve used TotalEdit and the Iso CFG Editor, but I think the most recent find (Foxe – First Object Xml Editor) is the best so far.


The cool thing is that it lets you customize how the tree items are displayed, while letting you see the text itself that the same time.


Out of the box, you would only see Filter – but with a little setup, you can see all of the Names displayed with their element.

First the important download link: http://www.firstobject.com/dn_editor.htm

Open xml in Foxe by default

Once you have it downloaded and installed, you can tell it to open xml files by right click on one, select Open With, and then choose default program:


If Foxe isn’t shown in the list you can click Browse (check always open) to C:\Program Files (x86)\firstobject\foxe.exe.




Modifying the Tree Display

The next step is to change how the tree displays.  In Foxe, go to Tools > Preferences.  If you have the option, tell it to save the settings in your AppData folder.


The tree customizations folder is where the magic happens.  I’ve been slowly adding all of the element types for different AutoCAD Plant 3D files as I work in files.  So the list posted below is what I’ve done so far.  As you can see, the format uses the element name, and then the @ symbol followed by the attribute that you want to see displayed.


Download the settings by clicking the link below:

Foxe XML Settings (62 downloads)


Edit: Once you tell it to save the settings in the AppData Folder, you should have a folder path like:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\firstobject\XML Editor.

Save the downloaded xml file to the folder so that it replaces the settings.xml.

Filter @Name
BaseClass @name
Class @name
Theme @Name
BranchPatternTheme @Name
Attribute @Key – @Tag
TableType @Name
RowStyle @RowType
AggregatedList @Name
Item @Key @Value
Scheme @Name
ModelProperty @Name
Style @Name
TableScheme @Name
DataLink @TableName
DimensionType @Name
ComponentScheme @Name
GroupScheme @Name
PropertyBreakerScheme @Name
AnnotationLeaderStyle @Name
AnnotationStyle @Name
LineNumberScheme @Name
ElevationScheme @Name
MapScheme @Name
PnPClassMap @Name
PnPPropertyPair @Name
Group @Name
SkeyMap @SKEY @AcadBlock
EndTypeMap @SKEY @AcadBlock
ValveToSpindleSkeyMap @ValveSKEY @SpindleSKEY
Joint @Name
Items @Unit
Item @ND
PnPClassMap @Name
PropertyChangeScheme @Name

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