Schematic Line Substitute for AutoCAD P&ID

Jacketed, Primary and Secondary, existing and new are all available Pipe Lines in the P&ID Tool Palette.  It’s great that they are all available, but what happens if someone used the wrong type of schematic line to draw a pipe line?

Let’s say that all the information for the line is correct, except that it has been drawn as a Primary Line Segment instead of a Secondary Line Segment.  Here is how you can change a schematic line to a different class:

Select the lines that you need to change and right-click in the drawing window.  From the shortcut menu select “Substitute…”

Select Sline

From here you can select from all the Pipe Line Segments established in the Project Setup.


If you’re not sure what icon is the correct one, hover over each icon to view the type.

This feature also works for Signal Line Segments.