Connecting Equipment to Equipment in Plant3D


We’ve ran into a few outfits that need to be able to directly bolt equipment to another piece of equipment, primarily in the Compressor Industry.  For a while it looked like this wasn’t an option, till we started looking at it a little closer.


When you build 2 pieces of equipment, and try to place one directly on the other, you get the following message:




Plant3D doesn’t resolve 2 nozzles the same way that it does a nozzle and flange, there is no way to move or adjust when moving them together.

To resolve this, after moving the 2nd piece of equipment into place, close the error, then move one piece of equipment or the other a gasket thickness apart, i.e 1/8”.

Your equipment will now look like this, leaking nozzles and all:



Select 1 piece of equipment, right click your mouse, and select “Connect Component to Adjacent”:




Then select the other piece of equipment.


Plant3D will add in the correct gasket and bolt set.  The bolt set WILL come in HUGE, but it is the correct size and length for the connection.




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.