Migrating Spec Catalog References

Sometimes after migrating a spec, you still get a warning to migrate it (or catalogs with it).  The key is usually that the spec is pointing to old catalogs.



An issue that comes up when modifying migrated specs is that your migrated specs still point to their old catalog locations.


To remedy this, we have to get our hands dirty and modify the pspx file manually (until we can get the migrate fixed or an app to fix the catalog reference – hint, hint).


Because the pspx is just a zip file which the extension renamed, we can use a zip editor to update it.  My personal favorite is 7zip, because it’s free, and has a lot of features.  The screenshots and workflow will reflect using 7zip. Also, I will be using Foxe for editing xml.

First let’s take a look at the internals for a pspx file. After installing 7Zip, right click on a pspx, select 7-Zip, and then Open Archive.


Within the pspx there may be an editor folder.  When this folder is present the spec is storing a hard location to a catalog, and needs to be modified.


Within the editor folder, is a CatalogReferences.xml file:


I have Foxe set to be my default xml editor, so when I open it up, I see this:


So, even though I migrated this spec to 2014, it still looks in 2012 locations. After modifying and saving it, the file looks like this:


After closing the file in the xml editor and switching back to 7zip, you should get this dialog, where you click ok.


Close 7zip after you have made the changes. The spec editor will not open the spec if 7Zip has it open.

Assuming the files exist in the new spot and are in the correct format, you should not get warning dialogs.