Notes on Supports in Plant 3D Isometrics

Following up the last post, a client asked if there was a better way to put notes on supports other than using the message.


Because we can use any property in our isometrics, this post is going to show how to call out the comment field on the iso (if it’s not blank).

To do this, we will map the comment property, create a filter for non-blank supports, and then create a new annotationscheme to put the callout on the iso.


Map the Comment Property

Open the Iso.atr in the isometric style you are going to use, and add a row under BOM-ATTRIBUTES for EngineeringItems.Comment.



Create a Support Comment Filter

In the isoconfig.xml, add a filter like this:

<Filter Name=”SupportComment” Value=”Type=&apos;Support&apos; AND NOT [Comment] IS NULL” />



This allows us to only have support labeled that have comments filled in.

Create a New AnnotationScheme

Under Themes > Default > Annotations > AnnotationSchemes add a new annotation scheme like this:

<ComponentScheme Name=”SupportComments” AnnotationStyle=”Standard” Format=”{0}” Grouping=”true” Alignment=”FlatHorizontal” LeaderStyle=”Always” Filter=”SupportComment” Fields=”Comment” />


This uses our mapped Comment property, and the filter to label supports.  The final output should look something like this: