Getting PERFECT Line List from AutoCAD P&ID

And I do mean, perfect.  Line lists have troubled several CAD programs, but now you can get automated line lists from your P&IDs without having to clean them up.

Our Extended Fields plugin is now available in the store: PDO Extended Fields


In addition to updating it for 2014, several other features have been added, with more to come.

Today’s article will highlight the Line List features.

For some reason, P&ID developers (not just Autodesk’s) seem to think that a line list = a list of line segments, or this:

However, when as a drafter learning piping design, I submitted a similar list to the project manager, things didn’t go so well for me.


So, how do we turn this (above), into this (below).

Caveat: This report was created based on the out of the box, sample project which has lines that don’t connect.



Use the Line Group Class

The information that gets put into a line list belongs at the Pipe Line Group class level, not in the Line Segment class. For example, design pressures, temperatures don’t vary by line segment; they change with the line group. You need to add any custom properties that you want to see in your report to the Line Group class.

With the PDO Extend Fields plugin, click the Add Fields button to add the EquipmentFrom, EquipmentTo, RelatedDrawings, and manual update fields.





Populate the Equipment and Drawing Data

While this step can be done manually, using the PDO Extended Fields plugin simplifies the process.

Click either the P&ID Fields button, or the All Fields button to update the line group data:



Configure a Line Group Report

Now we have to configure a line group report to display the line group properties.


In the report creator, create a new report based on the Linelist.


Call it Line Group List.


Click Edit query.

Remove the Pipe Line Segments class and add the Pipe Line Group class. Click Ok.image

In the report configuration dialog, click Edit Report Layout.


Drag and drop the columns as follows

Tag > Pipe Line Group_Tag

From > Pipe Line Group_EquipmentFrom

To > Pipe Line Group_EquipmentTo

I removed one of the insulation columns, and renamed the other one Drawings.

Drag and Drop Pipe Line Group_RelatedDrawings onto that column.

Custom To/From

In addition to automatically populating the fields, you can set individual fields to manually update.For some OPC’s or lines you may want to indicate a group of tanks (vs listing each tank). Simply check the manual update property, and whatever change you input into the Equipment To or From will not be overwritten.