Off Page Connectors with PDO Extended Fields

In our previous post, we discussed how to create a perfect line list. Today we will look at customizing our off page connectors to display the equipment to and from information.


We will create two styles (to and from) and custom blocks that display the to/from information.


Creating the Symbols

Go to project setup, and select the off page connector class.



Click Add Symbols, and navigate to the projSymbolStyle.dwg for your current project.

Choose the PIP OFF-PLOT CONNECTOR block, and click next.


Set the Symbol Name OPC To, and click Finish.


Next click Edit Block

In the block editor, go to the Open/Save panel and click the expander. Then click Save Block As. Enter OPC To for the block name.


Click the Assign Format button, and then click the OriginOrDestination attribute.


Choose select class properties.


Uncheck Use Target Objects property, select the Pipe Line Group class, and then choose the EquipmentTo property.


You should end up with this.


Close the block editor, saving the changes.

Back in project setup, with the OPC To symbol selected click Edit Symbol. Click on the choose block button, browse to your projects projSymbolStyle.dwg and choose the OPC To block.


Repeat the process and create an OPC From symbol.

Using the Symbol

In a P&ID drawing that has an OPC linked, select the opc and view its properties. Notice that you can change the style to reflect different fields.


Again, these opc’s reflect the values stored in the line group which will be displayed in your line list.