Plugin Plans and Upgrading to 2014

Several people have asked about migrating our existing products to 2014. In addition, we have some more plugins that are going to be coming available in the new Plant store.


Existing PDO Team Plugins

This applies to the plugins currently sold in our store:

Create BOM

PDO Extended Fields (1.0)

Iso Config XML

First, future plans. As the Create BOM functionality is included in Plant 3D Extension 1, we will not be updating or revising this plugin. However, below we will show a tip that you can use to allow it to run on 2014 (and higher) if you wish.


PDO Extended Fields is getting some updates to work with 2014 better, and we will be adding a couple more properties (I had a request for a weld length property). In addition, we now have a license manager which is integrated into this (and the rest of our Plant 3D store plugins).  So the version that is going to be available in the Plant store will be PDO Extended Fields 2.0, and you will have to purchase that from the Plant Store. The xml tip below will work, but the To/From information in the PnIDs doesn’t work right in 2014, without the 2.0 version.


I haven’t decided what to do with the Iso Config XML editor, if I get requests, I’ll put it in the Plant Store, but for now, the xml edit will work to load it in 2014.


Loading the 2013 Plugins in 2014

Since there have been no major api changes a simple XML edit can be made. First locate the ApplicationPlugins folder and navigate to the plugin you wish to modify.

Plugins installed on a per user basis are stored in %APPDATA%\Roaming\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\


Plugins installed for all users (and all app store plugins now) are saved in C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\


Each *.bundle folder will have a file called PackageContents.xml which instructs AutoCAD on what to load and how to load it. Open the file in a text or xml editor:


Locate the value SeriesMax=”R19.0” This indicates that the highest version of AutoCAD to load the plugin is AutoCAD 2013.  To allow 2014 to load it change the seriesMax to R19.1, and restart AutoCAD.


Future Plugins

Right now in the approval queue, we have several plugins. The Assign Properties plugin has just been cleared, and the Rename Project plugin is available too.

A list of all of our plugins are available here:

The plugins in the queue right now are:

DataLink – a method for writing all the Plant 3D data to a Navisworks model.

Dynamic Parts – a way to place dynamic nipples in a model (so you don’t need to create a nipple for every size and end type).

Fix Connector Line Numbers – a fix that updates all connectors in a model (welds) to match the line number of surrounding components.

PDO Extended Fiels 2.0

Selection Lists – Export/Import Selection Lists to Excel, Link a column to a selection list value to display the description, use the Plant 3D spec list in PnID, and synchronize selection lists between Plant 3D and PnID (more articles and a video to come on this one).



We are also working on several other ideas, and we’d love to get your input!